István Zsolt Diczig


Budapest, Hungary, EU

If you cut off a small piece of a holographic image with scissors and shine a laser light on it, you will not see part of the image, but the whole image in small size. If you look at yourself within yourself and illuminate it with enlightened light, you will find the whole world within yourself.

free will

Science has already discovered the hologram and recognised that our world has a holographic structure. Since I started my meditations 20 years ago, at the same time as I was learning about the work of Alain Aspect, who has just won the Nobel Prize, I have created an independent spiritual framework in a completely new understanding of the world, which I have called the ÉlményPark Holoplatform. Which - in the spirit of linux - I installed on the web of consciousness of humanity, so that everyone can access it with their consciousness. On a technical note, anybody can access the source code, but not just anybody, and I have enforced this with a very strict staffing policy that emphasizes quality.In short, the situation is as follows. Mankind has undergone a shift in consciousness that has, to our surprise, kept the 3D outside world unchanged. Therefore, it is only from our position of observation that we appear to be occupied, in reality we have risen and brought subversive freedom, democracy, criticism and dissent. Of course, the closing of the planet's spiritual space has eliminated this problem, but the temptations and enticements of our world have brought other problems to life, but that has become part of the Game.

The meaning of Life, i.e. the 4 main areas of the ÉlményPark (Experience Park), are as follows:1. Education - Learning
2. Curing - Healing
3. Experience - Adventure
4. Research - Development

In the course of my return to consciousness, an intervention was launched that intervenes in the intervention that is going on at the moment (and is heading towards a medieval world in the form of populism). As such systemic changes are followed by events more slowly, it is about 10 years before we can expect to see these changes in the world. But the Game will not stop until then, and it is taking a turn that many are not expecting.During the operation, I separate the Admin and Game levels. In my admin role, I do the meditations, while in the game I play and test. Anyone who is interested in the admin activity can come to me for learning purposes only and has to do everything by themselves, because this is not an esoteric group but an individual journey. I can, however, invite players to my game role to start adventures with the parameters shown on the main page.

My aim is to build an ideal vision of my own reality based on an advanced man living in a technical civilization where money is still present but its importance is reduced to the importance of religion.Anyone who wants to play a role in this does not need to apply anywhere. All it takes is a thought, reinforced by an inner charge.It is possible, moreover, for anyone to make use of the toolkit I have developed and installed on the network of humanity's consciousness. The links on the main page will give you all the information you need.For those who would go further, I would point out that you have to be 'that' here, it is not enough just to appear to be that.

Over time I have acquired a lot of unique knowledge that could be put to use, but because my consciousness is half in the trance realms, I don't have the capacity for what is natural to those who live only in the outside world. However, as my financial situation is extremely unworthy of the work I am doing, I am opening a door to the outside world. Anyone who feels that they can qualitatively fill the gap in my capacity is invited to contact me. Maybe this is how the game starts for me.

Please note, this is not a job, but a shared opportunity that could become one. It presupposes a commitment to the goal and compliance with the parameters that will allow us to work together. It is a serious advantage if neither of us feels that we have to step out of our comfort zone to do so.